Most small businesses use at least some type of backup technology to avoid data loss due to a disaster. Few protect their businesses from downtime, which can be even more devastating.

Downtime is how long it takes for your data and systems to be restored so that you can resume normal operations after a fire, storm or other business-disrupting event. Our continuity solution for small businesses is the only one available that uses a local backup appliance and cloud disaster recovery service. This hybrid approach enables you to restore systems and entire networks at a moment’s notice — keeping your business up and running through outages, data loss and disasters.

Simple Disaster Recovery Keeps Your Business Running

Designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses, our backup appliance uses image-based technology to take a complete picture of the information stored on your computers and servers. This solution provides superior backup compared to other technologies such as tapes or discs. The appliance can fully restore a system, easily recover individual files and even provide backups of individual computers.

Our technology gives users greater protection of all workstations and servers by storing a copy of their information locally on the backup appliance. From there, information is automatically transmitted to our secure cloud servers in remote locations. After a disaster, the backup appliance serves as a hub to restore everything from individual documents and files to applications. Furthermore, our highly secure and reliable technology enables you to better manage bandwidth by scheduling offsite data transfers and carries no risk of having unsaved backups.




Backup Appliance Product Sheet

Backup Appliances (BA) are a way for businesses of all sizes to get comprehensive protection against downtime.


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