Avoid Full or Partial Data Loss with
Recall’s Proven Recovery Solutions

Recovery of valuable business information from damaged media often requires delicate scientific precision. You can count on Recall’s global expertise to successfully complete this vital job on time and on budget.

IT staff often struggle to recover data from tapes or hard drives after a disaster (either natural or caused by human error) because the process is so technical and time consuming. Recall has helped thousands of organisations avoid the risk of full or partial data loss with our data recovery.

Mishandling of damaged media can render tapes and hard drives unreadable. The resulting inability to respond promptly and completely to e-discovery requests can lead your company to spend thousands of pounds on litigation. To avoid financial and legal threats, not to mention the impact on your operations, don’t rely on do-it-yourself solutions. Recall’s experts and recovery technology have a success rate of 97 per cent



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Recall protects your data against downtime costs, negative customer satisfaction and loss of company reputation.

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