Consolidate and Migrate Legacy Tapes
to Your Current Archive System

Data restoration is often costly and cumbersome. When using traditional approaches from vendors or in-house solutions, original software and hardware must be maintained to provide access to legacy tapes. What’s more, IT resources have to be deployed to keep the older systems available so that your company can respond to legal discovery requests.

The cost-effective solution — and the one that provides access to your vital information regardless of its original media or format — is offered by Recall. Our industry-leading technology enables you to eliminate the expense of maintaining legacy systems whilst ensuring timely location and delivery of all information requested in legal discovery.

  • Tape assurance services include cataloguing your existing legacy tapes as well as on-demand data restoration.
  • Media, format and data conversion includes consolidation and migration of the information stored in a wide range of media into your current archive system. We also can migrate your information from tape to cloud storage.

Here are some of the more common backup solutions we support: arcserve (formerly CA), Veritas Backup Exec (formerly Symantec), Veritas NetBackup (formerly Symantec), EMC NetWorker (formerly Legato), IBM Tivoli Tape Manager (TSM), HP Data Protector, Commvault Simpana and more.

Companies often face aggressive time frames in which information needs to be identified and processed to meet business or legal demands. Replicating the system in which the data was originally created is a costly and complex task. Recall’s services help you accurately access legacy data using your current archiving system. Our technologies also enable you to mitigate legal and financial risks and ensure that your company’s information is readily available for years to come.



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Recall™ enables cost savings as a single, global provider for publisher’s data protection and document management.

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Recall protects your data against downtime costs, negative customer satisfaction and loss of company reputation.

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