Accurately Restore Data from Legacy and Current Tape Archives

Businesses using Recall’s tape assurance solutions are confident their information can be restored at any time. You no longer need the skill set to run a legacy system to maintain original software and hardware for legacy tape archives because Recall’s technologies accurately catalogue and restore information in all backup formats and for all types of tapes.

Tape assurance provides scheduled as well as on-demand restoration and extraction of email and data files from legacy and current tapes. Individual records and bulk information can be accessed.

With more than 40 years of global experience, Recall has the expertise to enable you to cost-effectively respond to electronic-discovery requests for information stored in tape archives. Our unique solutions reduce forensic risks caused by missing or inaccurate records and also reduce costs and the time needed for discovery.

Recall Restoration Assurance Program from Recall Holdings on Vimeo.

Benefits of Tape Assurance Services

Recall’s unique restoration process decreases restoration time and mitigates risks associated with traditional methods. Our solutions also offer these benefits:

  • Provide a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees costs and delivery time frames when tapes require restoration.
  • Free up data centre space once needed for legacy equipment as you no longer need the hardware to recover the data.
  • Permit redeployment of IT staff previously assigned to maintain and restore legacy backup tapes.

When your business needs to retire your archive system or switch backup applications, Recall can ensure that your tapes are properly, cost-effectively and defensibly restored.



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