Migrate Your Company’s Legacy Data from Tape
to Your Current System

Here’s the dilemma most companies face: Their leaders want to retire legacy archive systems to reduce IT costs, but they worry about whether they’ll be able to access old data, especially to respond to discovery requests.

With Recall’s conversion solutions, all data stored in any media or format can be consolidated by accurately migrating it to your current archive system. Our industry-leading technology ensures that you maintain access to all of your critical information. Furthermore, you can save costs and free up IT resources previously assigned to the legacy hardware and software.

Our conversion solutions prepare your company to mitigate legal and financial risks with confidence. You will know what information is stored and when it was created. You no longer have to deal with many different types of tape media and backup formats. Recall converts them all to be seamlessly accessed within your current system. Data also can be migrated from tape to cloud storage.

Recall can help you perform a cost-benefit analysis and provide recommendations for migrating all of your data to your company’s current archive system.



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Recall protects your data against downtime costs, negative customer satisfaction and loss of company reputation.

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