Digitisation of books with flatbed scanners without mechanical constraints, thermal load or UV exposure. No more binding destroyed or cut spines. Your books can now be preserved.

Make a future for your past.  

The file formats proposed are used for archiving as well as for distributing and/or printing your most cherished images.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing is used for finding information within the contents of the file. Your work is now safe from tampering while still remaining accessible.

Equipment used:

- Flatbed scanners without mechanical constraints, thermal load or UV.
- Large-format scanners up to 42 inches wide and accommodating a depth of 35 mm.
- Flatbed scanners with a hold-down bar for documents that need to be held in place.
- Vertical-view cameras.

 Type of documents:
Any bound work, photographs, photographic prints in any format, negatives, glass slides, postcards, posters

Copying of originals, straightening of curves, scaling, image clean-up, colour correction, fold erasure, tears, indexation, dynamic linking, OCR processing


Our clients:
International organisations, museums, private companies, foundations, mass media
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